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Angela Fusenig "Muschelherz", Painting

Angela Fusenig, Muschelherz, Miscellaneous Plants, Plants: Flowers, Contemporary Art, Expressionism
Rosa Gasche "Sommer und Sonne", Painting

Rosa Gasche, Sommer und Sonne, People: Children, Leisure, Expressive Realism, Expressionism
Dietrich Moravec "You Sure Hit The Apple?", Painting

Dietrich Moravec, You Sure Hit The Apple?, Animals: Land, Burlesque, Realism, Abstract Expressionism
Andrea Kasper "MIMI And The Mambo Sun", Painting

Andrea Kasper, MIMI And The Mambo Sun, Animals, Emotions, New Image Painting, Abstract Expressionism
Ulf Göbel "Stilles erwachen II", Painting

Ulf Göbel, Stilles erwachen II, Nature: Air, Landscapes: Sea/Ocean, Contemporary Art, Expressionism
Beate Fritz "Frequenz UKW 104,8 MHz", Painting

Beate Fritz, Frequenz UKW 104,8 MHz, Landscapes: Sea/Ocean, Nature: Water, Contemporary Art, Abstract Expressionism
Renate Migas "Bougainvillea", Painting

Renate Migas, Bougainvillea, Nature, Poetry, Contemporary Art, Abstract Expressionism
Christine Claudia Weber "Frühling", Painting

Christine Claudia Weber, Frühling, Abstract art, Landscapes: Spring, Abstract Art, Expressionism
Ira Tsantekidou "Flores 3, 120x120", Painting

Ira Tsantekidou, Flores 3, 120x120, Plants: Flowers, Art Déco, Expressionism
karl dieter schaller "merger of cultures.detail.", Art print

karl dieter schaller, merger of cultures.detail., Miscellaneous, Contemporary Art, Abstract Expressionism