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Paintboard a selection of new works

Annette Schmucker "And the forests will echo with laughter", Painting

Annette Schmucker, And the forests will echo with laughter, Landscapes: Autumn, Landscapes: Mountains, Neo-Impressionism, Expressionism
Keep Magic "Merlin", Digital Art

Keep Magic, Merlin, Landscapes: Mountains, Fantasy, Abstract Art, Expressionism
Victor Koch "Nachschau", Painting

Victor Koch, Nachschau, People: Men, Poetry, Contemporary Art, Abstract Expressionism
Friedhelm Raffel "Moosteppich", Miscellaneous

Friedhelm Raffel, Moosteppich, Plants, Abstract Art, Expressionism
Jonny Lüpkes "N/T", Painting

Jonny Lüpkes, N/T, Landscapes, Abstract art, Contemporary Art, Expressionism
Rotraut Richter "Seltsame Landung -", Digital Art

Rotraut Richter, Seltsame Landung -, Nature: Air, Fantasy, New Image Painting, Abstract Expressionism
Leon4 "Girl stehend", Drawing

Leon4, Girl stehend, Erotic motifs: Female nudes, Realism, Expressionism
Renate Migas "Traumzeit", Painting

Renate Migas, Traumzeit, Nature, Poetry, Contemporary Art, Expressionism